X-e1 - doubt about sharpness

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X-pro sharpness

I've found that the default jpeg settings doesn't usually look super sharp at pixel level, but this just lets me sharpen later once I've cropped and resized the file. Things look fantastic after sharpening in post, or you could simply turn up the sharpness on the OOC jpegs (also decrease the noise reduction - I usually go for -2 NR and it still looks great).

The thing that finally convinced me though was converting a tripod mounted shot from RAW in Capture One. Even sharper than my old RAF to TIFF to jpg workaround, which turned out pretty well for how tedious it was. Sharpness is finally on par with my Nex-7 and m-mount lenses (without getting into 200% magnification crazy pixel peepery), which was good enough for me to make some 24 by 36 prints.

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