WOW 70-200 f2.8 is ii

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Re: WOW 70-200 f2.8 is ii

qianp2k wrote:

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qianp2k wrote:

What you mean loose on mark III, 5D3?

I have no doubt if Canon redesign this lens it can be much lighter by using more good plastics as in the new 24-70L II.

This is the redesign.

I know it's mark II version but it's probably the last batches of pro lenses Canon used the old manufacturing technique. As we have seen in the new generation of Canon super-tele lenses and 24-70L II, Canon is able to reduce the weight significantly while still can improve optical quality some degree. I believe the future mark III version will cut the weight (using plastic instead of metal for the lens' barrel for example) to the middle between current 70-200L/4.0 IS and 70-200/2.8 IS II (that is more than double weight of F4 IS version), and further improve OQ a bit such as reducing glare. By then I will be able to sell F4 IS version and only care F2.8 version everywhere. Current weight of 70-200L II prevents me from carrying it entire day. So I still have to keep my F4 IS copy and carry it in vacation trips.

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I doubt there will be any significant weight reduction as the weight is primarily in the glass.

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