Advice need on 6D & AF points.

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Re: a different approach altogether

Mike K wrote:

I wanted if it's possible to focus on the eyes (in good & ESPECIALLY in low light) without have to worry about change in composition. Can anyone provide me with a different perspective ?

I recently got a 6D and am really very impressed with the low light capabilities, both high ISO sensor noice and center point phase AF. Another way to get good AF performance nearly anywhere in the frame:

Use Live View "Live" AF, which is this camera's contrast detection. In the camera menu 5 enable "Live View shooting"and for the AF method choose "FlexizoneAF". Move the AF rectangle about in the frame so that it will fall upon the eyes of your properly framed image. Activate LV (start-stop button) and move the rectagle about in the frame. It will not go to quite the very edge. This is about a quick as selecting an AF point. Press AF and wait a few seconds. I did several tests and am really impressed with how well contrast AF can work in extremely dim lighting. Amazing! Please try it with a 6D and f2.8 lens first before commenting.

Mike K

Just a note I did use it on my 6D for a few evening group portrait shots during my recent trip. Camera was mounted to tripod, external flash attached and had the focusing square over the face of one person. The size of the face was around the same size as the square. Afterwards, I found that it did not focus accurately onto the person (instead it focused onto the building immediately behind the person's face). This happened for around 2 shots which I did not notice at the time (it was quite dark so whether it was focused wasn't very clear before taking the shot). So the problem with low light is not that it cannot focus, but that you might not be able to visually confirm that it has focused (unless you take the extra step to magnify the face before shooting).

That said, it does focus very quickly by holding down the shutter button half way.. so much faster than it did on my older 500D. Consistency in its accuracy would be my only concern if you rely on this too much especially in low light.

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