x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

Wonderful (if, understandably, slightly conflicting) advice from everyone - thanks for taking the time. I wasn't aware of the possible difference in RAW files between the two, so that's interesting. So the RAW output from the x100 is now very good and supported by all the major image editors, correct? But presumably, as the x100S is new, we won't know until it's out, plus it might be a while before good RAW support is available?

So that's a consideration. This thing about obsolescence - I think that, at 480 GBP, the x100 has probably done most of its depreciation, so actually might hold much of its value for at least a year or two - meaning that I could potentially upgrade later should I want to, at minimal loss.

Maybe most importantly though, most people seem pretty pleased with their x100 now that the firmware updates have improved things - so I think I'll save a few quid and get the old model.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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