Image stabilisation question

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Re: Image stabilisation question

leew8948 wrote:


quick question, I recently sold my panasonic lx7 as my wife bought me a sony rx100 for Xmas, I am noticing the IS is not as good as the panny in lower light with slow shutter speeds at low iso hand held shots, my question is has the 14-42 power zoom lens got the same level of IS as the Lx7 had ? In the above shooting situations? As I am thinking of getting a panasonic MFT body ( g3 or gx1) to add along with the rx100

thanks for any help or guidance


FYI. Panasonic 4/3ds bodies do not have IS so you will be limited to Panasonic lenses if you want IS.  Olympus bodies have IS so you can you either brand's lenses and get IS.

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