XZ-10 a game changer?

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XZ10 221 grams, Canon S100 198g, Sony RX100 240g

rezaf_2000 wrote:

marike6 wrote:

What is the game changing feature vs the XZ-2, the extra 18mm on the long end (112mm for XZ-2 vs 130mm XZ-10)?

Game changer: It's the first camera with fast telephoto lens that can live its life in my pants pocket. XZ-2, G-15, ... they are all out of the pocket-camera territory. Once a camera cannot fit in my pockets and I have to put it around my neck or in a backpack, I'd prefer to take a larger camera (like any of my three m4/3 cameras or my DSLR). But I cannot live my life as a photographer with a camera always in my hands or around my neck. And my bag is already heavy with my laptop / charger / pens / clipboards / etc.

My Canon S90 basically lives in my pocket all the time. I don't need to think about taking a camera with me anywhere in my daily life, i'm confident that the S90 is always there. BUT, I cannot comfortably shoot anything but really wide pictures with it. As soon as you go into tele, the ISO gets into terribly noisy territory. That's why I'm excited about XZ-10. It can replace the S90/95/100/110 as an always-in-the-pocket camera.

I agree. It weighs 221 vs the Canon S100 at 198 grams.

The fast lens will combine with probably a clean ISO 400 or even 800 to capture a large variety of challenges.

It is not the same lens as the much heavier XZ-2's.

The Sony RX100 is only 240 grams but thicker. Its much larger sensor is a huge advantage for wide shots. I find the RX100's zoom lens an agressive design, very revolutionary, but with distortions.

The more conservative XZ10 design will limit the clean ISO but being a bright lens, it will yield great IQ in all but dark bars.

A nice backup to the RX100, perhaps the first alternative.

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