Need recommendations for external flash for Canon 60D

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Re: Need recommendations for external flash for Canon 60D

I use a 580ex2 and 2 Vivitar 285hv's.... The Vivitars have been around for eons and are reliable and only cost $89. They will shoot in automatic using a thyristor as long as you camera is in a constant aperture mode either Av or Man...... From the ads I see in the photomags it looks like Vivitar has a ttl compatible model called the 385 or something? Might be worth looking at?

I've been using Vivitar flashes since the 70's. As I recall the Vivitar 285's have a GN at least as high as a 430ex??  I use my Vivitars with Cactus5 radio triggers. This model is their latest iteration and are highly reliable and very inexpensive.

I would suggest getting an off-camera flash cord from Syl Arena website.  Off-camera multiple-flash will open up a whole new realm of photography for you!

Hope this helps...


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