x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

Newer is usually better than older, and I don't see the X100s being an exception to that general comment.

At the present time, the RAW file from the Xtrans sensors haven't been worked out, so that might be an important consideration.

If I was buying for the 1st time, I wouldn't blink and go for the X100s, because of the:

  • faster start-up time,
  • better menu system (& Q button),
  • faster focusing,
  • usable manual focus tools.

If I went X100, I'd always be wondering if I am missing something from the X100s (which is basically the purpose of your post) and knowing that the X100s going to be faster and better in almost all respects.

But, I've been using the X100 since it 1st came out, and am accustomed and have accepted its quirkiness and lived thru the firmware upgrades.  Its a lot better now than before.  So having gone thru the process of just plain very slow (in low light), I'm now much happier with how it performs now.

I'm also very happy with the RAW files from the X100 and I can pp them quite readily.  (Not so happy with the RAW from X-Pro1, so I'm sure I wouldn't be overly excited over the X100s RAW files as well, however, if you are a jpeg-man then its not a consideration)

At this time, I don't think my photography is going to be that much better with the X100s over the X100.  Sure its nicer to have the X100s, but for myself, while undoubtedly, I'd enjoy the X100s improved usability, the difference for me is not that great.

I'll chase the Next Next version, if there is something that makes it more special to me.

For yourself, if you can afford it without starving yourself, go for the X100s, otherwise you might always be wondering how much happier you'd be with the X100s.

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