Waiting for the D400? You're not alone...

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Re: Really Jim...

Some (myself included) believe that "eye" makes a good photog.

If one has a good eye and can see and capture great moments, many times the quality of the image is secondary; that we have partial agreement on.

Good craft doesn't make a good image, it can make a more technically good image of an uninteresting lackluster subject.

The software technology is really amazing and it can save good captures. It's just that it's a lot of work & time, that many times can be avoided by having improved equipment.

To ridicule adherents of improved cam tech when you use improved tech software, seems hypocritical

BTW, did you get PS6?; it's much improved over previous versions. If you haven't you might like to check some of it's function ability, it's faster and has some clever features.

This in general, is a documentary photographer thread and the responders have treated you rather politely



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