Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

Draek wrote:

The technically-accurate term would be "Exposure Compensation", but of course there's already something else under that name, and no less accurate.

Hold on. If exposure compensation is used, it biases the exposure meter in the camera, which in turn leads to a greater or smaller quantity of photons being captured.

Whatever you do after the event during raw development isn't going to change the number of photons that were captured.

If you want a technically accurate term it would be "push-processing" or "pull-processing", which is how it is referred to when a film is processed differently in order to give a different effective ISO rating.

Perhaps we could switch the latter to "Metering Compensation" and "Exposure" to "Exposure Compensation", and we'd have two distinct, accurate names for the two actions.

Or perhaps we could keep it as "Exposure", since nobody seems to be confused by it in any case.

It seems that isn't so.


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