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Re: Mine doesn't work this way

pavi1 wrote:

Jim N'AZ wrote:

When my D300 meters and shows me an iso of 3200 w/o flash (dark room lit by TV only and distance of 18ft.), and then I pop up the flash, the indicated iso drops to an iso of 200. When I shoot, the actual/final iso may end up being 350 or 450 or so, depending upon distance. It never holds to an iso of 1600 or 3200 or anywhere near that level.


If your camera does this, first check setting e3. Is your camera set to TTL or Commander? I am not sure on which camera Nikon made the change, but on a D300S, if using auto ISO and then pop up the flash, ISO does not drop to the set ISO. My D70S would always drop to set when flash was turned on unless the flash did not have the needed power.

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Yes, my e3 setting is indeed correctly set on TTL when conducting my test and it operates as expected and not at all like the OP problem.

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