Nex 5N vs Nex 5R ISO performance

Started Jan 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
wb2trf Senior Member • Posts: 2,725
Re: Nex 5N vs Nex 5R ISO performance

The ISO performance difference isn't enough to mean anything either way.  It is just too narrow and isolated a measure.

If I were you I'd wait to see about the Hybrid AF after the new firmware comes out for a bunch of other e-mount lenses on Feb 5.

I see some AF performance difference, but not a lot with the 18-55.  However, the SEL5018 has always been my preferred lens and has more room to improve.  If it gets a bigger boost, for example, then the new AF system might begin to look more valuable.  If it doesn't help with that lens, then one wonders if it will take yet another generation of camera to get the boost out of this technology.  On the other hand if you only or mostly shoot with wide lenses, then AF speed differences can't be much either.

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