D3200 vs D300 for studio shot?

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Sam Carleton wrote:

I have been shooting this annual group shot of about 160~200 people each year. It is very controlled, lite with strobes, camera on a tripod, using the Nikkor 17-35/2.8 lens. Over the years I have been using a D300, but now with the D3200 at twice the resolution, I am wondering if it is time to "upgrade" for this one shot. This one picture makes me a nice sum of money, so investing in a 600 USD camera is small potato's, if it is going to really improve the image quality.

The the service one would think that the 24MP sensor of the D3200 will beat the 12MP sensor of the D300 all day long, considering all the pro features of the D300 do not come into play. I am just wondering if there is something I am not taking into account that would actually make the 12MP a better choice. I figured I would ask and be safe then assume and be foolish:)

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First off, I am a proud D3200 owner. That said, if you are getting paid big bucks to do one project, now is not the time to go experimenting with a new camera.

It sounds like you have already done this exact job before or maybe you were hired based on what's in your portfolio. Why complicate things by throwing another piece of unfamiliar equipment in there? Did the person hiring request higher megapixels?

In a perfect world, you should be able to switch out camera bodies just like driving a car--they should all function pretty much the same. But in reality, I have always found that each camera body takes a little bit of practice to get used to and they all render light slightly different, even if they are all nikons.

I have owned D70, D90 and D3200 and I can honestly say that they all handled very differently. Usually takes me about a month before I get used to the little quirks of each camera. Not good to be figuring that stuff out on a big job.

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