Is there even a point in DSLR if you already have EA2?

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Re: Is there even a point in DSLR if you already have EA2?

I've really enjoyed my NEX-5, and later my NEX-5N, upgrading from a Sony DSC-V1 P&S camera in 2010.  Although never having owned a DSLR/SLT, I had picked up the LA-EA2 and some A-mount lenses (mostly used) while waiting for the E-mount lens options to expand.  Recently, I came across a great deal on a gently used A-77 with SAL16-50 f/2.8 lens, basically "buy the SAL1650 and get the A-77 for free".  Just couldn't resist.  Now having played with that for a few months, my thoughts are:

A-77 plusses: 1) In-body IS is great, especially with longer lenses 2) handling and menus are admittedly much better, and I'm not even coming from an SLR background so have no bias that way 3) the SAL1650 lens is terrific - maybe my satisfaction with the A-77 is in large part due to how great it does with this lens 4) built-in flash, real hotshoe, weatherproofing, better screen articulation are all nice to haves 5) I have to admit that it feels like I'm finally using a "real" camera - maybe that's peer pressure or something.  It sounds stupid, but I feel much less intimidated if someone hands me their DSLR now (any brand), because I finally get all the buttons!

NEX-5N plusses: 1) you do get spoiled by the size.  I don't see EVER taking the A-77 on vacation, unless it was a photo safari and I was going to shoot with some really long lenses 2) small size isn't just pocketability, it also means discretion - don't feel like such a tourist/target 3) the low-light/high-ISO is noticeably better on the NEX. Sony kind-of screwed up on the A-77, didn't they? 4) it's just fun to basically put any lens ever on the NEX - a little history, nostalgia there that I never expected to enjoy so much.

I'll sum up with this:  I have three nice cameras right now - Sony RX-100 (that's another story), NEX-5N and A-77.  Each have their place, but if I could only keep one it would be the NEX-5N!  Now, how to choose just 1 lens to keep?

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