Need advice re long telephoto lenses

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Re: Need advice re long telephoto lenses

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Ron, what was that mount I should get for the Bigma, again? You told me when I bought the Gimbal head, but I forgot. I need to get it so I can use that. When the camera is mounted with that lens on that head, the balance is PERFECT! I can hope only that I can get the Bigma to balance that well, as my prior attempts with the Bigma on a tripod have been somewhat less than spectacular.

Hi Jeff,

I am not sure I remember what you are talking about. However, I use the RainbowImaging 100MM LP-100 Lens Plate Quick Release Arca Swiss with my Bigma on my Wimgerly Gimbal. I suppose the 115MM LP-115 Lens Plate Quick Release Arca Swiss would also work quite well.

To get perfect balance with an IF lens on my gimbal I can adjust forward or back, and up or down. You need to adjust the up/down so that the rotation point is through the horizontal center of the lens. With the Bigma or any lens that changes length with focal length settings or focus settings, I usually try to adjust the point on the gimbal at near where I will probably be using it the most. So, for the Bigma I set the lens to 500mm when I make my adjustments.

I'm sorry if what I have written is not what you asked for.


The only other thing I can think of that I sometimes use with my Bigma as well as my 300 and 400mm lenses is The Acratech GV2 Ballhead is uniquely designed to function both as a ballhead and as a Gimbal head. When in the Gimbal position the lens stays where you point it, no tightening of the ball is necessary.



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Thanks, Ron,

Your first reply was way more relevant to me. The prior conversation, back last summer, I think, was in regards to the Opteka Gimbal head that was for sale on Amazon for -- I think it was $159. You were the one who posted the link about it, and said you'd consider it except that it was rated only up to about 15 pounds, and some of your lenses are more than that -- and that your Wimberley can handle all of them. Being that the Wimberley is about 3 times that price, and that the Bigma is likely as heavy as I'll go for the forseeable future (at about half the Opteka's weight rating), I jumped on it.... And I'm very happy with it. I used it up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and at Clingman's Dome for some great sunset shots, the middle of last October (I need to get some of those shots processed and post a few). Since I figured out how to get the built-in head off my old aluminum Bowen tripod and installed the Opteka on it, it's stayed on there, with the DA* 300 mounted to it unless I need to take it off for manual use. When I get a bracket for the Bigma, I'll use it on there, too. I plan to keep the brackets on both lenses, so it'll be quick to attach them to the head.

I think that LP 115 is the bracket you referenced last summer or fall. Man, you really know your stuff!


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