For a safari which lens??

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Re: Equipment for Tanzania

Hi Rich,

The main thing I was trying to point out is that most photography in Kruger would have to be close quarters as otherwise the bush intervenes in the shots. Hence long focal lengths are not going to be used that much unless one is say at a 'lookout' at a watering hole.

When one is on the plains in say the Serengeti or Masai Mara then one needs the longest focal length one has available. Game in these 2 parks (other than Lions) is skittish so you can't physically get close in a 4X4 before they move off.

Most of the comments on photo gear above fall into the later category and they're all valid comments for 'plains' photography.

There'll be a lot of dust in the dry season so take adequate precautions. If your zooms tend to 'breathe' then beware that they might draw dust inside. In this instance, fixed focals are better.

In contrast, in Zanzibar you'll need wide/UWA lenses - also of use for panoramas in the game parks too.

You have quite an itinerary planned. I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment of it and have lots of pics to share.

Maybe a good anology would be, because many posts come from North America as regards game photography in Africa:

If you were shooting buffalo on the prairies what would you use? (Serengetti/Mara)

If you were photographing bears, deer etc in the forrests what would you use? (Kruger)

Might help.

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