The problem is "lack of civility"

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Re: It's all in your beloved constitution

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Of course he has a point, but how does the government make people be civil?

It would be like DPReview trying to enforce civility here in this forum...

Civility encompasses responsibility. On DPR, for example, I have the responsibility to use certain words and not use other words. If I comply I am being civil. In my opinion, the lack of civility indicates a lack of responsibility.

Parents, schools and society have a responsibility to teach responsible behavior - and to demand it. Just the other night on the TV news they talked about a man that had been arrested 18 times. It is inconceivable to me how a man can be arrested 18 times for the same offenses when we have such well educated lawyers and judges. Well, perhaps we don't.

Many schools have gang members who, by their very presence in the school, instill fear among other students. Why? How have these children, who look to adults to pay all their expenses, gained control over adults? The answer is: We have let them.

If you want civility then you must recognize there must be punishment. There must be the expectation of doing right and the demand that the right thing is done. But no, rather than punish children for doing the wrong thing at a time when it is a minor offence, we wait until they are older and do something more serious - then we punish them.

Often adults do the wrong thing because as children they were not taught how to do the right thing. This is why I maintain, that a large number of people are in prison today thanks to their parents.


Freedom of speech, You people have had years of this kind of behavior , and exported it all over the world, and now we have it as well. You can;t expect to be civility while your fed a diet of murder, fowl language and full on sex to your youth

Where you don't see it is Asian countries, that most of you seem to hate so much, their young have respect for propriety and their elders. But I don't think most of you could handle their self discipline.

There are upsides as well as downsides of an over discipline upbringing as exists in certain Asian societies. It doesn't instill a lot of self confidence. Notice how some Asian kids are reluctant and shy to speak out and are overly self conscience?

But in the end and it is the most important, Asians has the highest rate of earning a college or masters degree and the most successful group in the United States. Their income is the highest as well. Very family oriented, high moral and spiritual values and well respected members of the society!

Wooooo Hooooo we finally agree on some thing. This goes for around the world not just the US, There is more to this planet than the USofA.

That is the upsides.

Ooooo cr@p.

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