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Lin Evans wrote:

I believe Nikon has had a number of iterative processors between the D800/E and the 12 megapixel sensors. Like my 16 megapixel D7000 for example.


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It's true that there have been several iterations of DX sensors between the D700 and D800. If we just look at FX, I missed a sensor: the progression is actually D700 (12MP) -> D3X (24MP) -> D800 (36MP).

I was interested in comparing Sigma vs Nikon for camera/sensor releases, so I scanned DPReview for release announcements. Here's what I found:


4.7mp x 3 sensor:

  • first released with the SD14 2/20/07 @$1200 MSRP (source: IR)
  • also used in SD15, released 6/30/10 @$989 street (source: DPR)

15mp x 3 sensor:

  • SD1 price/availability 5/20/11 @9700 MSRP/6900 street (source: DPR)
  • SD1m released 2/8/12 @2300 street (source: DPR)


12mp FX sensor:

  • first introduced with D3 8/23/07 @5000 (source: DPR)
  • also used in D700 released 7/1/08 @3000 (source: DPR)

24mp FX sensor (old)

36mp FX sensor:

24mp FX sensor (new)

So Sigma was able to triple the pixel count in 51 months (SD14 to SD1), while it took Nikon 54 months (D3 to D800) to do the same. So you're absolutely correct: Sigma did indeed advance more rapidly in pixel density. It's unfortunate that the cost of this advancement was so high for Sigma where as there was no price change going from D700 -> D800.

I didn't go through this exercise with Nikon DX cameras because there are so many different models.

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