Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

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Considered, rejected

I bought the Olympus OMD EM5, a terrific camera, which I greatly enjoy using.

But, it doesn't replace the DSLR for landscape resolution or moving targets (sports and wildlife) and the DSLR really operates fast when we need it to.  I can adjust a D800 without removing my eye from the viewfinder, and the viewfinder always works.

The EM5 is a bit slower to operate, the EVF takes a second to come on, the battery life is much lower, the controls require menus.

The EM5 is very small and light and the lenses are terrific and inexpensive and, most important... it focuses very accurately.  I have had trouble with accurate and reproducible autofocus with Nikon bodies:  D3, D3X, D800/D800E.  I hope Nikon gets on this issue.  I know some pros are changing to the Canon 1DX because of focus issues.

So:  choose the system for the job at hand.

I love the EM5 but I'm not abandoning the D800 twins.


EM5:'s gear's gear list
Canon EOS 5D Mark III Nikon D850
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