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Re: Load cycle count (parking and unparking of heads)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Don_Campbell wrote:

Interesting. I look at the SMART data on my main Linux machine with gnome-disks formerly called palimpsest. For my WD Caviar Black drive that has been in service for 21 months, I get a load cycle count of 1552. Are we talking about the same numbers? For a newer WD Black drive, in service for a couple of weeks under a year, I have a load/unload count of 38. Not Greens, but Linux desktop system and pretty far from what you reported for Greens. Is this what you expect from the different operating characteristics in firmware?

The Green Drives are where the problem occurs (they park the heads after only 8 seconds of inactivity, yet many linux distros poll the drives approx. every 30 seconds).

As a result, you end up with a constant parking/unparking of the heads (where the WD firmware may park the heads after 8 seconds of inactivity, then the OS may poll the drives 20 seconds later, then the WD Firmware parks the heads after another 8 seconds, etc., etc., etc.

That's not a problem with most drives (only the WD Green drives, and some of the WD Blue Laptop drives, where they have very aggressive timers for head parking).

IOW, you wouldn't see that issue with WD Black drives.

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I thought that was what you were saying but thanks for the more complete clarification. My one green drive is in an external "My Book" device which seems to be out of that polling loop. It has a light representing when it is accessed/active and it is static virtually continuously except when an assertive action is requiring it to read or write.


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