Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

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Re: Night shots with the Fujifilm X-E1

Most wonderful shots as are the others that are posted here.   One of the beauties of the X cameras is that they are so good in low light that we take them out far after our older/other cameras would have become quite less useful.

I do say, however posting of wonderful X images in DPreview will definitely upset large numbers of posters who are unable to get this quality of image from their X cameras and particularly those that can not seem to successfully use LR to process .raf files.

Even though you obviously mean no harm, you will likely find a large number of people very upset at your success where they have none.


I grabbed a quick drive by of the Del Mar Fairgrounds Ferris Wheel in June that actually turned out quite well especially given that it was a last second one handed grab of my XPro 1 as I was passing by Dog Beach.  This June I will go over there with my tripod and the 35 mm with a bit more preparation.

XPro 1 at f2.4 and 1/850 at ISO 1250

There is absolutely nothing great about this snapshot as it was a onehanded grab at 30 mph and a quick snap out the window with the 60 mm on the XPro1 except that again people can't seem to AF the 60 mm yet this given the movement and speed of my truck and lack of preparation frankly seems pretty sharp given the circumstances.

There is a lot that conventional wisdom says this camera can't do that it actually does pretty well.


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XPro1; 60mm Macro, 35mm f1.4
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