Best material for a box to store lenses in.

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Re: Is This A Trick Question?

Ray Maines wrote:

Takagi wrote:

I hear ya, but would you mind buying me a clean Nikkor 28mm to replace mine that has fungus? It's only a lens...

I sure will buddy, just send my your receipt.

I have to ask though, how much use did you get out of that lens before it died of fungus? Did you have it stored in a cedar box for thirty years or did you get good use out of it before it died? Was it worth the initial investment even though it now has fungus? Would you rather have all of your old pictures and good memories or a pristine copy of a lens you never use?

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Since you asked, I got that lens used and I did get quite a lot out of it. It was worth the initial investment but I would still love to have it. I regret storing it in a humid environment.

Lenses do not get damaged by fungus because they are used a lot. They get damaged due to improper storage.

Thanks for offering to pay for my lens. I will send you the receipt when I find it

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