Film vs D800E

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and the converse is true

Color print film actually grains up in shadows due to lack of proper saturation in d-min areas, which is why over-exposing it helps smooth out grain. This is at the expensive of resolution of course. Kodak VPS was historically rated at 160, but nobody ever shot it 160.

Conventional B&W film grains up in light grey areas with exposure, but this grain hides a bit in dmax (highlights). We then have condensor -vs- cold light enlarger debates in regards to pulling that detail out. Always preferred dichroics when printing B&W film. Infinite contrast range on VC paper, and typically brighter than cold lights. Only Condensor I liked were Leitz Focomats.

Some of the best printing work I ever did came from 4x5 color negs (I recall VPS)  printed on Panalure (the classic fiber base). In this case the super high dynamic range of the film translated nicely onto the panchromatic paper. Otherwise, the highest dynamic range conventional B&W film I ever worked with was Verichrome PAN. Highlight retention was far better than Tri-X without resorting to compression tricks like staining developers. Anybody remember Verichrome PAN? Otherwise, it's pretty obvious who the actual film users are reading the above -vs- the posers.

The brutal fact is that the actual photography and diversity I see on this site in a month surpasses anything I've seen on film in it's entire history.

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