Anyone using E-PL5 for large print landscapes?

Started Jan 29, 2013 | Questions thread
Michael Levy Regular Member • Posts: 131
Re: Anyone using E-PL5 for large print landscapes?

Stalyon wrote:

... I also want to print these at 24x36 or panoramics or 60x20. Will the E-PL5 files stand up to this? I've seen some samples but wanted to ask the experts.

I don't own this camera, but it should be capable of producing stunning images at those sizes provided you do all of the following:

1. Use a tripod

2. Compose the image so that little or no cropping is required (although you might want a bit of leeway with stitched panoramas)

3. Trigger the shutter with the self-timer or remote.

4. Enable the "anti-shock" feature of the camera to avoid shutter vibration.

5. Shoot at low ISO

6. Use the lens at or close to the aperture at which it produces maximum sharpness.

7. Focus carefully and be aware of what your depth of field is.

8. (Need I say this?) Expose the image appropriately


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