Could be old news but I just found out that Andy Rouse

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Re: Could be old news but I just found out that Andy Rouse

Apollo18 wrote:

phoman wrote:

switched from Nikon to Canon, I went through his blog all the way back to when the D4 became available....anyways very interesting read and his photos from Canon are simply amazing.

Long story short Nikon is loosing lots of its faithful followers, kinda sad

Rouse switched to Nikon for the low light capabilities of the D3 and then the D3s. Now Canon have caught up, he seems to have decided to switch back to the system he has used for most of his career. It's funny really, as he has said a lot of bad thing about Canon cameras in the last few years.

I very much doubt that he is getting financial incentives to switch though. My understanding is that Canon/Nikon dont offer that kind of thing these days.

By the way, anyone wanting to see some seriously good wildlife photography should check out his work, he is one of the best!

I found it interesting he did document a lot about why he went from Canon to Nikon, then wrote a little about his test run with the 1DMkX and then not much else.

All I can say I'm dissapointed with d600, it was returned.  My D700, D3s were spectacular as are my 2.8 zooms.  My D4 has frozen on me an handful of times, yes just froze... sorry that is just sorry.  we'll see how the new firmware goes.  I have no qualms changing if it continues to let me down and I lose more money

Today Canon has perhaps better focus, faster FPS, more pixels, more sensible dual card strategy, and wider set of lenses and the new MK II 2.8s are looking pretty good.  Why wouldn't a former canon shooter go back, and why wouldn't serious sports photographers also switch.   Now the high pixel landscapers and those in need of most DR, of course they should stay with Nikon or switch to Nikon

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