Help on hard drive for new MacPro

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Re: Help on hard drive for new MacPro

I almost stopped using my 2008 MacPro when I got my newer iMac. Since I had a lot of drives available, I used one for a Fusion Hack connecting the SSD to the 5th SATA port for the second system boot drive. It really sped up my Mac Pro. I am still in the test stage.

Raiding SSD has its advantages up to a certain point and that point will vary on the controllers and system bus limits. We have raided 6 SSD's and found that it stops at the same rate (800 MB/s) as with 2 SSDs that one system. I've raid 8 spinning drives that pegged out at 400 MB/s and others at 100 MB/sec. Even more stranger, I've used Windows software raid that surpassed some hardware raid controllers.

If you have a free drive and can catch a inexpensive 120GB SSD, I recommend you try it.


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