Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

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Re: Anyone else tried the Fusion Drive hack?

G1 User wrote:

I have an old MacPro with a bunch of drives for video editing. Tired of the slow drives, (1 pair of striped raid), I got a 250gb SSD, experimented and created a Fusion Drive hack for the system drive. The performance is great. Keeping in mind I do not keep irreplaceable data on the system drive. Now that I'm spoiled, I ordered a SSD for my family iMac. This has all the important photo and data. I'm really am fighting my self not to make this a fusion drive. I do have two simultaneous time machine drive and periodically back up the important data to the MacPro and other drives.

Anyone else using the hack? Even with good backups should I resist it until it the hack proves itself in let's say in a 1/2 year?

Thanks for your opinion.


It's not a hack. It's a feature in 10.8.

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