Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

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Re: Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

The fast aperture is not gimmick; it still lets in a lot of light.  Your ability to achieve shallow DOF, however, is going to be limited by the sensor size.  As for the RX1, it can achieve shallow DOF because of its large aperture and large sensor.  It does not take a long lens to achieve shallow DOF.  What most people don't realize is that given the same framing, aperture, and sensor size, all lenses will have the same DOF whether they are a 200mm lens or a 35mm lens.  For example, if you were to take a head and shoulders portrait with a 200mm lens, you would have to back away from your subject, thus increasing the DOF.  Conversely, if you were to take the same portrait with a 35mm lens, you would move closer to the subject, thus decreasing the DOF. With those two lenses at the same framing and aperture, the DOF is the same.  A smaller sensor, however, essentially crops your image.  So, instead of moving closer with a 35mm lens (for example), you stand farther away -- increasing DOF -- and crop the image to achieve the same framing.  Everything else being equal, a larger sensor will always have shallower DOF than a smaller sensor.

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