Upgraded to mt. lion and computer seems to be going a little slower.

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Re: Upgraded to mt. lion and computer seems to be going a little slower.

Unlike more previous OSX releases, going to Lion and ML tends to slow the lower end system's performance, especially when booting and launching programs. It works much better with 8 GB of ram or more. To speed up booting, turn off / don't select "reopen windows on login" and set  in Safari preferences -> General > Safari opens with: -> A new window.

Check to make sure you keep all the backgound tasks to the minimum. With less background tasks running, the general speed is about the same as 10.6 if there is enough free memory.

Also, did you let Spot light finish indexing the files yet? If it does not complete, it will run slow until it is complete. The same is true if  Time Machine did not finish a full backup set.

You should also free up more disk space, you are on the low side. There are tools to free up unnecessary files, but they may be risky.  If you can't, consider increasing the disk capacity and pay attention to the replacement disk drive's speed. Consider Seagate's Hybrid drive, SSD may cost too much.

Finally, if boot up is the main culprit, consider putting the system to sleep if you don't keep the computer off for long periods of time.

When considering ML vs Win 8 updates, this is probably the first time Windows updates results in much faster boot time than ML.

I've speeded some of my computers by increasing to the minimum of 8GB and going to SSD or Fusion Hacks unfortunately.

Good Luck


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