Yahoo! Mail Painfully Slow

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
Yahoo = bad for other reasons

I find Gmail about a million times more reliable than Yahoo, but prefer the Yahoo interface. In any respect, there are some other reasons to avoid Yahoo other than their terrible uptime and performance.

The biggest one is ISP's will routinely block any mail coming from Yahoo Servers due to spam floods. If you're sending to another user account with a yahoo address, that's fine, but a couple times the past year I've had to deal with users outside Yahoo not able to receive mail from Yahoo accounts because their ISP is in flood mode, and it's usually more than one ISP doing this. Doesn't matter who's to blame....the fact is that temp Yahoo blacklisting is enough to keep me away from it for anything critical.

Not to mention that Yahoo IMAP / PoP access requires either a paid premium account, or hack arounds that are only sporadically workable.

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