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Re: MP vs noise

Great Bustard wrote:

bjake wrote:

Would cutting MP's from 16 to 8 reduce noise?I am going to try it but wondering what opinions others have,

It would if the read noise per pixel remained the same. On the other hand, if read noise scaled with pixel area, then more pixels would result in less noise. If read noise scales with pixel pitch, they'd have the same noise. That said, more pixels record more detail, which means NR (noise reduction) can be used more effectively, so, even if more pixels resulted in more noise, depending on how much more noise, the extra detail that more pixels record could be traded for the same (or even less) noise when NR is applied to normalize the level of detail.

In other words, the sensible comparison is not pixel-vs-pixel, but photo-vs-photo at the same level of detail.

In practice, we find that the 36 MP D800 has basically the same noise as the 24 MP D600, so I would say pixel count is a non-issue, in terms of noise, for sensors of the same generation.

but you get more details out from the d800 at 24mp than the d600 with proper sharpening

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