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forpetessake wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

What they don't do, they don't discuss what it all has to do with real life shooting using various cameras.

Aha . . the "real world" card. So, should the Authors of these technical (only) papers gone out and shot some fence posts or something and what would have been the means of comparison - someone's subjective view of what they saw on their monitor/printer?

I suggested nothing like that. I actually elaborated what I meant by 'real world' and it's all quite measurable.

I stand corrected. How is "it" measurable, may I ask?

forpetessake wrote:

The images are either viewed on monitor/TV, which by far the most common mode, and that's what everybody is doing posting here, or by printing them (tiny minority). In the first case there is a severe downscaling, which makes all per-pixel Foveon arguments moot. The images from different 10-35MP cameras when downsized to under 2MP, and appropriately sharpened all look very similar. One can easily see that in all posted examples and tests.

So the only real case for Foveon is large prints, which require upscaling. This is where Sigma's claim about 2x resolution is correct and SD1 is approximately comparable to 30MP bayer, but the bayer cameras aren't stuck at 30MP, and the same D800 in all tests showed better resolution, and, of course, the resolution is not the only thing that matters. So for somebody, who specializes in large prints SD1 is one possible choice, but not the only one.

All I see in the elaboration is talk of viewing images and some generalizations about resolution - which is OK, we can say what like, if it carries some weight. However, measurement by just looking at output images with the human eye (admittedly what we do in the real world) is a completely unscientific method, IMHO.

I do agree about the effects of re-sampling, both down and up. I don't print but, if I had to choose between a SD1 and a D800 for very large prints, it would likely be the D800, sorry foveonistas!

By bringing actual numbers and diagrams into these Foveon vs. Bayer papers, the Authors bring a degree of credibility to their work, don't we think?

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