DA 12-28mm on the way?

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Joseph Tainter Forum Pro • Posts: 10,388
Re: DA 12-28mm on the way?

Marc Sabatella wrote:

Given that the DA12-24/4 was basically a rebadged Tokina 12-24, I wouldn't be surprised at all if that was the case.

That's not really accurate. I mean, yes, they share the same optical design, but the above makes it sound like Tokina did all the design work then Pentax just licensed it, when it it is at least as likely that it was an actual joint design effort.

Actually, the 12-24 is the only one of the joint Pentax/Tokina lenses that was designed by Tokina. The others were designed by Pentax. Years ago, someone here posted links to patents.

Tokina's 11-16 was based on the 12-24.

I don't know who designed this new Tokina lens.


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