Elinchrom & Speedlite Simultaneously

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Re: Elinchrom & Speedlite Simultaneously

Due to some issues I faced ---- I mainly use the PW in TTL mode. ---, I assumed that the software is buggy.. for example:

(1) Sometimes and without any clear reason the flash either stop working at all (no output), output is so week or the opposite (it is not related to battery & I never faced such problem with the flash being used directly. The distance is not the cause and the Flash I am using is Canon 600 which is not having the magnetic field noise problem as the 580 I&II flashes.

(2) Using the PW with the latest screen touch Sekonic meter is not as expected. The meter can wirelessly change Flash output power in addition to remotely trigger the flash and it do so. However after decreasing the flash power, trigger it once, going back to the camera, you need to do 2 things: first to fire the flash from the PW, then to shoot one test shot (PW said that this is normal operation).
Now... after you do so, you get a false output (so weak power) from the flash when you try to trigger the flash using the meter ... !!!

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