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If you use something else like Adobe Camera raw, none of the in-camera setting are applied, even gradation.


If you use auto gradation and import E-M5 RAW files they will be under-exposed by one stop comapred to your in-camera settings.

I just took 4 identical exposures with the exception of using auto, normal, high and low key gradation, downloaded and opened all four raw files up in ACR/ Photoshop CS6 and they look identical.

I would expect a file shot using auto gradation to open in ACR underexposed compared to how it looked on the cameras LCD. The gradation setting only affects JPEG files. The reviews on the camera's LCD take all in-camera settings into account whether you are using raw or jpeg capture, so depending on your in-camera settings, the raw files may look nothing like how they looked on the back LCD.

Gradation is no different than setting black & white mode and shooting raw. The file opens on the cameras back LCD as B&W, but download and open it up in ACR and it is in color.

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I also went ahead and tried on 4 RAW files (easy to try): RAW + NO IS on a table with timer+ M set with 1/80 and F4 and 8mm lens. I applied to each the 4 different gradation testing and yes the one with best detail and especially noise control was under LOW setting, NORMAL in 2nd place. So while the other settings will not be changed in the RAW files GRADATION will make a difference.

I don't know what the difference might have been. The subject I shot was a fairly well-lit kitchen, a subject where I would not expect high key, low key or auto gradation to make that much of a difference compared to normal, and looking at them on the back LCD of the camera after I took them there were only slight, but definite differences. Looking at the four .orf files in Adobe Bridge, toggling back & forth to try and note a difference, there's not an ounce of difference to any of them, other than I did handhold as I shot so there are tiny differences in framing.

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