x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

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Re: x100 now or x100S on Feb 18th?

Zardoz wrote:

If you'd be happy with the X100s, it's very unlikely you'd be disappointed with the X100. Buy the X100, that way you won't be so worried about the financial aspect, and you'll dodge any potential early adopter issues with the X100s. If you find you love the X100 but wish it was just a bit better, you can always upgrade down the road.

Couldn't have said it better. There's also the option of buying an X100 in a month or so when prices fall even lower.

Keep in mind as well that the X100 has one major advantage over the X100s...standard RAW files that process brilliantly in LR/PS/C1/Aperture. Might not be important for everyone, but certainly for some.

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