NEX-6 odd behaviors (18-55 and Sigma lenses)

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Re: NEX-6 zoom-reset bug [Used to be: NEX-6 odd behaviors (18-55 and Sigma lenses)]

frhe wrote:

The same thing happens here: the shutter and aperture are temporarily displayed as "--", on both the LCD and EVF, until the NEX-6 resumes normal operation. The impression I get is that the NEX-6 can't read these settings off the lens for a couple of seconds.

Hopefully this thread and other reports will motivate Sony to do something about this NEX-6 zoom-reset bug.

I'll call Sony this week. We should try to gather as much info about each other's setups to have more information for Sony.

For me:

Camera: NEX-6 fw 1.0 (I think there's only one camera firmware right?)

Lenses affected:

- SEL 18-55 v 1.0 and 2.0

- Sigma 19mm EX DN

- Sigma 30mm EX DN

- SEL 50mm

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