Who here came from Nikon to 5D, 6D and are happy or not?

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Re: Corrections on corrections

schmegg wrote:

Go into the custom controls and set a button (the SET button is a good one) to set ISO speed.

Then you can hold the SET button and turn the top dial to change ISO while the meter is still displayed.

Not an option on 5D2. Why? I have no clue.

Setting the Custom Shooting Modes setting called Auto Update Set to Enable (on the screen where you register the settings) will cause all the changes made to the Custom Mode to be maintained - even after a power off.

"Auto Update Set" is not functionally equivalent at all. The primary benefit of having Custom Modes is to be able to walk up to your camera at the start of a shoot and have a definite, known starting point and to have a quick-reset available in the middle of a shoot. "Auto update set" disrupts these functionalities because you no longer have a stable starting point.

Hehe - I didn't realise this had been added TBH. I've always just switched to manual as it's such a simple thing to do.

Why the close-minded mentality? "I can take pretty pictures without feature X, so therefore no one needs it."

I concede the point that a few of these things are no immediately obvious, but they are available. So it's worth pointing out to not only CDM but others.

Available? The only point you made that wasn't in my original post was that the 5D3 offers the SET button for ISO to retain metering.

I suspect a lot of what CDM listed above is probably correct for the 5D2 - I really don't know. But for people considering buying a new Canon most of those points are not relevant any-more.

One would think a moderator would be less quick to start mouthing off. "My 5D3 has this workaround available, so therefore ALL Canon cameras have a workaround," and yet you don't know about the 5D2 and I challenge you to say which Canons have which of these issues/workarounds. I don't know of any DSLR on any other system that has the issues that I listed.

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