Lens suggestion: wide angle for vacation

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Re: Exactly what I said. You are 100% right Well

I think the OP might just be wanting to spend money to spend money and the thrill of new glass. I think if she/he wants to spend money on a camera, a flash makes more sense than duplicating what he/she has already. We've all been down that road when we were novices. I remember buying a used Soligor 135 when I already had a wonderful Takumar 105. That Soligor was just priced cheap and I was 11 years old with lawnmowing money burning a hole in my pocket.

Never used that cheap lens. It's called "Instant Gratificationitis." In the Nikon world we can also call it NAS, Nikon Aquisition Syndrome. That's where we buy it without having mastered what we have. 300 Euros won't buy any of the suggestions that have been made brand new. Even the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 is more like $450 USD. It's a good lens but it's slow focusing and hunts a bit. That's the point and he owns one of the best kit lenses in the business. Sharp as a tack. So we go over budget and basically duplicate what we have.

To the OP, if you just have to spend the money, get the Nikon 35 f/1.8. Again, that's not wide on a DX camera but the lens is very good and sells for $195 USD or whatever that is in Euros. That's the widest currently made DX Nikon prime.

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Cheers, Craig
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