Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

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Re: Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

hwg wrote:

i think it's time to go out and buy a couple and have a play.

Let us know how you get on with them

i assume the 622 model is just a lower power version of the 866 but basically works the same.

Yes, but with a few differences. Seems like I remember that the 622 cannot be used as a master. Better check that part out, but I think it only works as a remote or straight on camera flash, but not as a master.

so an sb800, a 866 and a 622 should be a reasonble starting point then.

You cannot make the 622 any more powerful and for the difference in cost, I would recommend two 866 units rather than one of each just in case you need the other flash as a master and need more power.

in manual mode are there pre-flashes, i assume so

Yes there are pre flash bursts, but they only come from the pop-up in order to talk/signal to the remotes. And depending on how you set up your in-camera flash menu, the pop-up can be throttled way back and in normal usage does not interfere with the exposure. And if you already have the (excellent) SG-3IR filter for the pop-up, the preflashes won't be seen at all. It is the best $12 I ever spent!

Regards, Jim

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