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Re: LOL, sure

Airless wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Airless wrote:

M43 is so close to dealing the final death blow to the Canikon Colossus, it is just one perfectly, godly, unstoppable camera away from obsoleting all crop DSLRs in one fell swoop. All that is needed is a slightly redesigned OM-D E-M6 with real PDAF and wifi, and that will be the end of DX and APS-C forever. The new Epson EVF will surely blow away the inferior OVFs, M4/3 already has more and better lenses than DX, is more portable and has faster-advancing technology, looks cooler, pretty much everything a person could ever want in a camera if you're not a full frame professional user. This next camera that Olympus is set to unleash in the spring will be the epic camera to end all cameras, certainly all crop sensor DSLRs.

I suspect that Canikon has seen the writing on the wall because they haven't made a decent DSLR with a pentaprism OVF in over two years!, they decided it's not worth fighting a losing battle for real enthusiasts and they can make more money by going after the suckers who buy overpriced Rebels and D3x00/D5x00 models or that joke of a Nikon 1 system. They are just going to bilk people on these cheap entry-level models as long as they can and then close down DX/APS-C once and for all. They've already been surpassed by Pentax with the K-5 IIs and Sony with the A77 (and soon the A78). The end is nigh, and we await the fall of the Canikon Colossus with bated breath.


Where do these ideas come from. m4/3 does not have one single decent fixed nature shooting lens, same for sports.

What do you actually take ??

Here, take your pick

So how long before m4/3 catches up

All the best and BTW, I don't use a DSLR


I like how you said "fixed" nature shooting lens. What's the point of a decent fixed nature lens when there is already a decent zoom nature lens? Same for sports. Anyone who considers the best existing m4/3 lenses for nature and sports as indecent must be willing to spend thousands of dollars for expensive DSLR lenses, in which case they will want full frame anyway. But if we are talking about consumer and prosumer level products then an M4/3 camera with PDAF or otherwise capable tracking AF and the new Epson EVF will beat crop DSLRs hands down.

Theres a huge difference between fixed and zoom lenses, you must realise that surely.

Why do you think Canon and Nikon have long fast lenses ??. Because they look pretty, well they don't, they simply work with fast AF and top IQ.

APS-C is fine with FF lenses and BTW, so is m4/3 if you want MF. Do you  have any experience with long fast lenses on APS-C ??

M4/3 don't have any for nature or sport, long, fast fixed high end lenses. At the moment I might add, I can see it coming at this rate.

All the best.


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