Meike MK-14EXT Macro TTL ring flash

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Re: Meike LED Macro flash - quick results.

I got my Polaroid PLMRFU-5 48 LED ring flash today. Played around with it some. Saw the same vignetting at around 35mm as another poster did with his Meike. Fine at 55mm and above. I notice one difference between the 48 LED Polaroid and the 32 LED Meike (which looks identical to the 32 LED Polaroid, but cheaper) is that the Polaroid 48 LED light/flash has a battery level monitor. But interestingly whenever I run the light in continuous mode the battery level very quickly drops to one steady bar - three bars is full charge. Returns to 3 bars after I turn the light off. This is with fresh alkaline batteries. If I use NiMH (Eneloops) the display drops to one flashing bar and only returns to 2 bars when the lamp is turned off. I know NiMH batteries have less voltage full charge than alkalines but didn't expect this since the instruction sheet says either alkaline or NiMH. What battery type do you owners of the Meike use and how long have they lasted. Would prefer to use this unit in continuous on mode for macro but don't want to eat up batteries. The intensity doesn't seem to change when the battery level shows low. Maybe I'm making too much of the battery level display.

Steve W.

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