Olympus OMD + 17.5mm Voigtlander F/0.95 vs. Sony RX1

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Re: Olympus OMD + 17.5mm Voigtlander F/0.95 vs. Sony RX1

George Hsia wrote:

jwocky wrote:

Any comments/thoughts on how these will compare in terms of photo and video quality and overall ease of use?

I know one is m43 and the other is FF, one is manual focus only and one would have AF. But on paper the two will have similar reach, DOF and aperture. And not too different in price.

Thought it'd be fun to compare these setups.

I own the 5D2 + 24/1.4 II and 50/1.2 and thought about dropping it and replacing it with the RX1. Ultimately I went with the Voigtlander It is a pleasure to use. Two completely different systems. What I like about Oly is obviously the choice of lenses. I can go zoom or prime as I need plus the lenses are absolutely puny. It was a no-brainer.

I'm going to sell my 5D2 and 24/1.4II soon.

Do you even like manual focus?


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Hi I am contemplating as well getting the 17.5 voigtlander do you have anympicts you could share? Now that the Olympus 17.5 has also come out I am having second thoughts, one is much faster the other is not that fast but has autofocus...

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