Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

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Re: Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

Digital Nigel wrote:

Robert Anderson wrote:

For shallow depth of field you need a large sensor, wide aperture, longer focal length and be close to the subject.

The RX100 has a larger sensor than many compact cameras but not as large as a DSLR. The aperture opens to f/1.8 but only at the wide angle end of the zoom, so you cannot have wide aperture and long focal length at the same time.

If you get close to your subject with the zoom at the long end and the widest aperture, you will get shallower DOF than many compacts, but probably not what you are hoping for.

You really need the RX1.

But the RX1 doesn't have a long focal length

I mean that's the thing, does the RX1 even do well in with shallow DoF?

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