A77 v. 1.07 = Really big yawn!

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Re: A77 v. 1.07 = Really big yawn!

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Why would you purchase a new camera for the firmware update? firstly, the OP's point is precisely that it does nothing of note (so your "new" A77 would work exactly the same as your current one), and secondly upgrading the firmware on your camera is typically as simple as downloading a file off to your memory card, inserting it in your camera, then pressing a couple buttons together while the camera is turning on (which ones? consult your manual, never done it myself as I don't see the point). It's not something you have to pay for, nevermind buying a whole new camera for.

I'm not going to purchase a new camera, I just wanted to tell, I was affraid that the new firmware (incl. new jpeg engine, new NR and many more) go into the new model (call it a78) and not for an existing a77...so if I want a better jpeg, NR (...anything more new) I will have to buy a new camera...there are some examples in the history of firmware updates (not only for Sony...)

I know I don't have to pay for a firmware, but there will be (example) a new a78 with better NR (example) and if I will want a better NR I will have to buy a new a78...this is I wanted to say...Sony preffer making a new model rather than upgrade an existing one I'm affraid...

It's what almost every camera maker (or electronics in general) does.

... and as such a major frustrating factor in sustainability


The consumers are the instigators for expecting and/or..... buying time and time again. ;-}

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