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Re: Not a Nikon Buff

Terrier989 wrote:

Hi all,

I have never owned a Nikon but may do soon (P7700), have read most of the threads here, so some comment/questions .

1) P7000 launched aug 2010, P7100 Aug 2011, P7700 aug 2012 - can we expect P7800 aug 2013?.

2)What happened to P7200, 200 ,400, 500, 600? did they explain the break in sequencing.

Would hate to get caught like folks who buy Ipad, Iphone with new models dropping out of the ether and no upgrades possible to current model.

I would hope next model has bigger ccd (as was explained to me this will increase aperture min from F8 to f11/16/32 who knows) , and faster processor for focus, data transfer etc.

So decision is whether to wait and hope or jump in soon.


Just wait.  And wait.  And wait.  "Now" is never a good time to make a move, always wait.  And wait.  And wait.

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