Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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Registration distance varied between makes. Konica I think had the shortest, Nikon the longest so that effects the lenght of the adapter, and the extent to which the lens had to be a retro-focus design. I think that is why the Konica lenses are so popular here-shortest registration distance thus designed more like a ragefindere lens.

Konica AR mount has about 2mm longer registration distance than 4/3 registration distance. Nikon f has about 6mm longer registration distance than Konica.

that if the focal length is shorter than the registration distance the lens has to be a retrofocus design.  I think the Nikon registation distance was very close to 50mm so the standard Nikon lens might have been slightly retro-focus  or close to it.

The Konica mount was shorter as you say so a standard 50mm AR lens would not have to be a retro-focus design.

Konica rangefinder lenses have much shorter registration distance (like all RF lenses), but those lenses are also pricey

Yes, the standard M39 or Leica M mount was about 26mm as I remember so any focal leght significantly above that would not need to be a retro-focus design. That is part of the mysique about moderate wide angle and standard focal lenght rangefinder lenses-they had an inherent design advantage over SLR lenses.


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