XZ-10 a game changer?

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Ben Herrmann
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There's a few issues though - the size of the sensor and the file types

Greynerd wrote:

I am surprised to see you mocking small sensor cameras on the compact forum. As the 1/1.7" sensor is only 1.7 times larger than a 1/2.3" sensor's 28.5 square mm's (big pin!) you obviously class that as a slightly larger pinhead and in effect all the sensors used by cameras relevant to this forum's users as pinhead.

Several points here:

1. My use of the term "pin head" sensor is a term often used on these forums over the past ten years. IMO, although many advances have been made with regards to these small sensors, there still seems to be a substantial improvement in IQ with the 1/1.6" and 1/1.7" sensors over the smaller 1/2.3", 1/2.5", and 1/2.7" sensors - with regards to things like higher ISO cleanliness, less grundge in JPG's, etc.

2. If you've been familiar with the history of Olympus P&S cameras over the past 10 - 12 years, you would have noticed that for a long time, many of the Stylus cameras (and other models) used these very small sensors and often had overly aggressive noise reduction which resulted in JPG smearing, artifacts, etc. - although the colors were always nice.

So my reference to the "pin-head" variety indicated that I hope the same smearing would not be a repeat occurrence in this new model. If it has RAW - which I certainly hope it does - then that opens up another ballgame as RAW files contain so much more information.

I have a Canon Ixus 230 HS camera which gives surprisingly good images for a pin head and Bokeh at 224mm equiv on a close subject even with f5.9.

I think the XZ-10 sounds an interesting pocketable camera with f2.7 at 130mm and look forward to seeing if it is a more affordable option than the XZ-2 which is currently a frightening £400 in the UK.

I'm with you on this one - as Canon has seemingly (most of the time) done quite well with their very small sensors....to a point. I've been using Canon enthusiast and P&S models for a long time - in fact, way back starting with the ole' G1 and S50. But I must admit also that what one person would label "beautiful image" could be seen by another as less than ideal. I've found with some Canon P&S cameras, that when you blow up the image to 100% (heck, even to 60 - 75% in some instances) that JPG compression artifacts and jaggies could be seen. I'm currently using the G12, S100, and the recently released SX-50 HS, which, BTW, does a great job with RAW. What I can attain with RAW files is far superior than what one can attain with the JPG's. So Canon saw the wisdom of giving the SX-50 HS RAW capabilities.

The problem with Olympus was (again, I'm talking from about 2007 through 2011 or so, that their regular P&S line had a history of aggressive NR techniques - thus robbing many an image of definition - but again, Oly JPG's always had rich color. They've slowly managed to get away from that, although - even with the XZ-1, Olympus went nuts with the aggressive NR in their JPG's. It is only when you shoot in RAW, does the true potential for that camera come to light.

Ben Herrmann wrote:

The X10 has a 1/2.3" sensor - in otherwords, a tiny pin-head variety.

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