Primes vs Zoom for Travel?

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Re: Primes vs Zoom for Travel?

tray48 wrote:

Thanks for all the suggestions. After reading your responses and thinking about this about more I've decided to stick to my original plan and take my trusty 18-200 zoom. The thought of having take the time to constantly change prime lenses does not sound like a good idea as I don't know how much time I'll have to do this. However since some the places we plan to visit will indoors, I may also take my 35mm f/1.8. It's small and light enough to carry around in my pocket or backpack. On my D7000 it gives an FOV of a 50mm lens and is fast enough to do available light photography indoors if needed. Once again thanks for your helpful comments.

Tray: Just a suggestion. To me, both of these lenses are very predictable choices, not bad, but also not likely to push you to produce any images out of the ordinary or out of your usual style. If you take the 18-200, you have lots of focal length range covered. So if I were you I would consider something a bit more special for the second lens, either wider or longer. The 24 mm would be a more interesting focal length IMO. Or, how about the 85 f/1.8? I think either of these might be more fun to shoot with than the 35. Just my 2 cents.

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