Out in the fog. (8 pics, so might be long)

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Re: Out in the fog. (8 pics, so might be long)

lewynn wrote:

Went out to try and get some fog pics. Feel free to C&C if you'd like.

Can you even see this one? I have an LCD monitor and depending on how I lok at it I can see things better. I hold my head down and look up at the screen I can make out the house, you might have to try that way.

That tells me you need a proper monitor On my monitor, however I look at it I still see the house and the image doesn't change. That's a property a good IPS panel has, it's the same from almost all angles.

I always like shots in the fog! I don't think I like the square crop though, would've liked a landscape composition better. The stuff at the top, is that frost on the window? I like it, does add to the coldness.

Ummmmmm...... A fence post. Not much else to say.

I like it, it's a nice composition, though I'd try to align the barbed wires horizontally to see if that makes it better:

Some old bolts in a bin and a door knob. Took these at an old barn/shed.

Always a pleasure to look at the old and rusty stuff you usually come up with

An old Chevy pick up. There was some houses in the background so I didn't take the whole thing.

I like the detail composition but the snow at the front has some blown channels, blue mostly. I haven't calibrated my monitors for ages so I can't really say if it produces a color cast but I'd try backing off exposure if you've shot this in raw.

Thanks for sharing!

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